Game- FIRST Destination: Deep Space


Robot- W19-001

W19-001 NO CLIMBER 1K.png
  • Roller cargo intake

  • Angle-able manipulator


Game- FIRST Power Up


Robot- No Name

  • Openable roller intake
  • Wrist height adjustment
  • Dual moving stage elevator
  • Winch climber


Game- FIRST Steamworks


Robot- Cubeasaurus

2017 Cubeasaurus.png

Inspiration: Is a very cubic robot. Has a mouth (Ball Intake)


Game- FIRST Stronghold


Robot- BALLista

2016 BALLista.png

Inspiration: Looks like a Medieval Ballista and launches "boulders "(Foam Balls)


  • 4 wheel drive
  • Supplementary tank treads for traction
  • Weighs: 91 lbs
  • 12 treaded wheels
  • Lifts portcullis
  • Moves Cheval de frise
  • Shoots ball into high and low goal


Game- FIRST Recycle Rush


Robot- Slidewinder

2015 Slidewinder.jpg

Inspiration: The robot had a slide drive, Could move sideways like the Sidewinder Rattlesnake

Fate: Disassembled due to lack of space

  • Weighed 118 pounds
  • Had a slide drive. But it was removed
  • 4 wheel drive, 4 omni-wheels for mobility
  • Could lift 3-4 totes and a recycle bin


Game- FIRST Aerial Assist


Robot- Ballrus

2014 Ballrus.png

Inspiration: The robot has tusk-like protrusions, like a walrus

Fate: Fully Intact, Operational

  • Weighs 112 pounds
  • 6 wheel drive, with the front 2 wheels as omni-wheels for added mobility, belt driven by VexPro shifters
  • Designed to intake and and shoot the 24' ball
  • Shooting mechanism exerts up to 200 pounds of force and consists of 4 springs and an archery trigger
  • Worm gearbox and steel cable pull the trigger to fire the ball up to 50 feet


Game- FIRST Ultimate Ascent


Robot- Orangahang / Mk III


Inspiration: The robot climbs and hangs off pyramids, like an Orangutan and is orange.

  • Weighs 113lbs
  • Has been called "Mk III" since third iteration
  • 4 wheel drive West Coast Drive, with ball casters at the back corners of the robot
  • Designed to climb 60 feet up the pyramid
  • Four hook setup, designed to be extremely stable while climbing
  • 2 wheel shooter
  • 4 frisbee storage
  • Shoots a frisbee every .75 seconds
  • Fed by human player by running the shooter backwards
  • Tilts to change shooting angle
  • Had 3 iterations (Mk I, Mk II, and Mk III)


Game- FIRST Rebound Rumble


Robot- The Kracken

2012 The Kraken.jpg

Inspiration: The intersection of the ball intakes with the transport belt is called the bermuda triangle, and all the belts look like tentacles.

Fate: Intact, Operational

Catchphrase: Release the Kraken!

  • weighed 119 pounds
  • Ball-intakes on both sides and a 360-degree turret-shooter at the top
  • The programming is in C++
  • Built a bridge-pusher to lower bridge
  • 6 wheel tank drive with the middle wheels lower to lower turn friction


Game- FIRST Logomotion


Robot- G-Wrath

2011 G-Wrath.jpg

Inspiration:The long arm/neck makes it look like a giraffe.

Fate: Intact, Operational


  • weighed 115 pounds
  • Similar to Tube-A-Saurus-Rex
  • 4 motor drive
  • 6 wheels with middle 2 lowered for lower friction turns
  • Its arm could be lowered in the front or back of the robot. another feature was that the shoulder motor and worm gear were onthe arm and that assembly rotated around a fixed gear on the robot
  • Springs and gas shocks counterbalance the weight of the arm
  • Pneumatic wrist allowed head to store within the frame
  • The Minibot was deployed on a drawer slide powered by a pneumatic cylinder
  • When the Minibot reached the pole it was held in place by magnets. Retracting the deployment arm triggered the power button.
  • To detect the distance from the pole tower, we used Sharp Infrared Proximity Sensors GP2Y0A21YK
  • The head allowed for manipulation by using 2 independently controlled rollers. One on the top “jaw” and one on the bottom “jaw”.
  • The head could suck in a tube by driving the rollers forward and spit it out by driving the rollers backward. It could also rotate the tubes up and down by driving the rollers opposite each other.
  • A ring of LEDs around the camera for use with the retro-reflective
  • Pneumatics were used for multiple subsystems
  • Drive train gear shifting, one solenoid valve and piston for each side of the drive train
  • Minibot deployment (move in, move out)
  • Wrist deployment - one position for stowing head within robot frame, and the other position for normal tube hanging operation

G-Wrath Minibot

2011 G-Wrath minibot.JPG


Game- FIRST Breakaway


Robot- Hammerhead

2010 Hammerhead.jpg

Inspiration: The robot is shaped like the dorsal fin of a shark and it has a hammer-like kicker on the front.

Fate: Intact, Operational

  • 4 motor tank drive with omni wheels in the back
  • Hanging mechanism was a hook velcroed to the end of the deployment pole. The pole would come up, grab onto the rung, and retract. While the pole retracted, the velcro came off and we would winch ourselves up to the top.
  • Winch used a ratchet, it allows movement in one direction but prohibits movement in another.
  • Able to hold on to ball while swiveling. Creating a dribble.
  • Used vision to detect the ellipses of the targets over the goals.
  • We used the size of the largest circle (in pixels) and estimated the distance to the goal to give us the desired kicker power
  • The formula seems to be 0.05/(# pixels of the radius of the largest circle) the result limited to lie between 0 and 1 formed the demand for the kicker motor.
  • Kicker arm rest position is at about 10 oclock, swings clockwise, and hits the ball at about 7 oclock


Game- FIRST Lunacy


Robot- LunaBeast

2009 LunaBeast.jpg

Inspiration: The robot is beastly and played the game Lunacy.

Fate: Disassembled due to lack of space

  • Robot that fires large quantities of game pieces
  • Can hold 12 game pieces and we have a shooting accuracy of about 85%
  • To hold the game pieces, our team designed a two-channeled cartridge


Game- FIRST Overdrive


Robot- Ball Frog

2008 Ball Frog.jpg

Inspiration: The name was a play on words of the Bullfrog, because it held a ball in its mouth, making it look like the large inflated neck of a Bullfrog.

Fate: Intact, missing some components

  • Manipulator able to not only hurdle the large trackballs, but which would also be able to place the trackball on the rack
  • Was programmed in autonomous, to make it around the track, crossing up to four lines
  • Could get ball off overpass
  • Elevator to lift and lower balls


Game- FIRST Rack N' Roll


Robot- Tube-A-Saurus Rex

2007 Tube-A-Saurus-Rex.jpg

Inspiration: The robots head, the claw/sucker, looked like a mouth, and was then painted with dinosaur teeth.

Fate: Disassembled due to lack of space

  • Sucker, which consists of two motors and two rubber belts
  • Applied constant pressure to the tube in order to easily suck up and spit out tubes.
  • Claw weighed at least 10 lbs
  • Instead of the traditional one-pole arm, we welded three metal tubes into triangle shape to give the claw maximum support
  • This arm is connected to the tower, which behind its plastic sheets hides a triple–layer electronics cake, designed to take up as little space as possible
  • Blend design features from both the tank-drive and the kit-bot
  • High shooter mounted on a turret
  • Balls would be stored in a large bin and then lifted up a conveyor to the turret
  • All gears used in the transmissions were all cut from straight-cut steel spur gear stock, 20 diametrical pitch, 20* pressure angle
  • Housing and structure material 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Six-wheel-drive skid-steer layout. For wheels, 6” Skyway Caster wheels would be used in conjunction with the hub-kits provided by FIRST in the kit of parts.


Game- FIRST Aim High




Fate: Disassembled for parts


Game- FIRST Triple Play




Fate: Disassembled for parts.

  • Has a crane like arm


Game- FIRST Frenzy



2004 robot. website.PNG

Fate: Disassembled for parts


Game- FIRST Stack Attack



2003 robots. website.PNG

Fate: Disassembled for parts


Game- FIRST Zone Zeal


2002 robot.PNG

Fate: Disassembled for parts


Game- Co-operitition FIRST



Fate: Disassembled for parts


Game- FIRST Double Trouble

Robot- Terminator


Fate: Disassembled for parts


Game- FIRST Ramp N' Roll

Robot- Stealth

1995 Stealth.png

Fate: Disassembled

  • Championships Winner
  • Our first robot