About us


Our Mission

Team 100’s motto is “Student run, student built.” Our goal as a team is to provide a learning experience for students. After new students learn the basics from adult mentors and experienced students, they are given the freedom to explore and create. Though mentors ensure that everything is done properly and safely, students design, build and program our robots. Because of our wonderful machine shop, fully furnished with everything from wrenches and screwdrivers to a CNC 3-axis mill, we are able to fabricate almost everything in-house. However, due to time constraints, we now rely on our sponsors for some custom parts. Fabricating all this at Woodside High means that everyone gets to participate and learn firsthand.

Team 100 is an equal-opportunity team. We do not collect dues for membership. All funds are raised through corporate sponsorship and private donations from family and friends. We provide laptops for students so that they have the opportunity to use professional software like SolidWorks, BobCad, and Java Currently, we have over thirty team laptops.

As a team we enforce the values of FIRST. Part of our mission is to provide a friendly and spirited environment to celebrate STEM education and FIRST Robotics. We encourage exploring new ideas and working as a whole team, not separated subsections. All members are required to gain exposure to the different areas of robot building through lecture meetings and the boot camp the team hosts at the beginning of every school year. This gives everyone an equal level of exposure to the basic subsections. This exposure allows for better collaboration and communication between these subsections.

Our History

In 1995, Team 100 became the first California team to participate in FRC. Since then, the Wildhats have evolved greatly through gradual change in students, mentors, and sponsors. A new generation of students brought a brand new mindset to the Wildhats. When several students from Carlmont High School officially became part of the team in 2003, the motto "Student run, student built" was adopted. In 2008, students from Sequoia High School joined the team as well. Most robots were built by hand, with very little machinery, up until 2006, when resources grew. One Woodside student's family built a machine shop at their house, and the team utilized that from 2007 to 2009. The owners of this shop are still active mentors despite their son's graduation. In 2009, Team 100 moved into Woodside High School's brand new machine shop, complete with a CNC mill, lathe, drill press, band saw, welding booth, and more. In 2016, Carlmont High School split off and created their own team, FRC Team 199. The Wildhats have grown in size and ability over the years, and continue to make history every day.


How we got our hats

It all started with our home school: Woodside High School, whose mascot is the Wildcats. Competitions are chaotic, and when there is nothing to make you stand out, it can be very hard to find your team members. Our team advisor, who is somewhat vertically challenged, decided that hats would be a great idea to make us unique, and stand out in the crowd. The hats we wear are much like the hat that Dr. Seuss’ “The Cat in the Hat” wears. It makes sense, since we used to be the Wildcats. For a while our mascot was just the Wildcat wearing a hat, but as Carlmont and Sequoia High Schools joined the force, it became the Wildhats that we all know and love. The wiggling, dancing, jumping hat mascot has become an integral part of our team culture.



  • 2018 – San Francisco Regional – Regional Finalists

  • 2017 – Silicon Valley Regional – Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox

  • 2015 – Sacramento Regional – Entrepreneurship Award sponsored by Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers

  • 2014 – WRRF CalGames – WRRF System Design Award

  • 2014 – Sacramento Regional – Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox

  • 2012 – WRRF CalGames – WRRF Director's Award

  • 2012 – WRRF CalGames – Tournament Finalists

  • 2012 – Sacramento Regional – Gracious Professionalism Award sponsored by Johnson & Johnson

  • 2011 – WRRF CalGames – Judges Award Winners

  • 2011 – Silicon Valley Regional – Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen

  • 2010 – Silicon Valley Regional sponsored by Google and BAE Systems – Engineering Excellence Award sponsored by Delphi

  • 2010 – Silicon Valley Regional sponsored by Google and BAE Systems – Website Award

  • 2010 – Silicon Valley Regional sponsored by Google and BAE Systems – Excellence in Design Award sponsored by Autodesk

  • 2010 – Silicon Valley Regional sponsored by Google and BAE Systems – Regional Finalists

  • 2010 – San Diego Regional – Regional Winners

  • 2009 – WRRF CalGames – Judges Award

  • 2009 – WRRF CalGames – Finalists

  • 2009 – Sacramento Regional – General Motors Industrial Design Award

  • 2008 – WRRF CalGames – Champions

  • 2008 – FIRST Championship – Championship Division Finalists - Curie

  • 2008 – Silicon Valley Regional – Regional Winner

  • 2008 – Silicon Valley Regional – Motorola Quality Award

  • 2008 – Silicon Valley Regional – Website Excellence

  • 2008 – Oregon Regional – Motorola Quality Award

  • 2007 – WRRF CalGames – Champions

  • 2007 – WRRF CalGames – Autonomous Mode Challenge Champion

  • 2007 – Davis Sacramento Regional – Motorola Quality Award

  • 2007 – Davis Sacramento Regional – Regional Winner

  • 2007 – Silicon Valley Regional – General Motors Industrial Design Award

  • 2006 – WRRF CalGames – WRRF Director's Award

  • 2006 – Davis Sacramento Regional - Delphi "Driving Tomorrow's Technology" Award

  • 2006 – Silicon Valley Regional – Imagery Award

  • 2004 – Silicon Valley Regional – Regional Finalist

  • 2003 – Sacramento Regional – Delphi "Driving Tomorrow's Technology" Award

  • 2002 – WRRF CalGames – Tournament Finalists

  • 2002 – WRRF CalGames – Robotic Truck Pull Champions

  • 2002 – WRRF CalGames – Human Player Finalists

  • 2002 – Silicon Valley Regional – DaimlerChrysler Team Spirit Award

  • 2002 – Silicon Valley Regional – Animation Award

  • 2001 – Sand Hill Challenge race – 1st place in the High School Speed division

  • 2001 – FIRST Western Regional Event – AutoDesk People's Choice Award for overall Excellence

  • 2001 – FIRST Western Regional Event – Animation Award

  • 2000 – WRRF CalGames – Driver Challenge Champions

  • 2000 – Sand Hill Challenge Race – 1st place in the High School Whimsical Division

  • 1999 – NASA AMES Regional – Outstanding Defense

  • 1999 – NASA AMES Regional – Ranked 1st Place overall

  • 1999 – NASA AMES Regional – Regional Winner

  • 1998 – Sand Hill Challenge Race – 2nd place in High School Division

  • 1995 – Nationals Competition – Rookie All-Star

  • 1995 – Nationals Competition – #1 Seed

  • 1995 – Nationals Competition – Championship Winner



Participating in FIRST is an expensive enterprise. Many teams require members to pay annual dues. Thankfully, we are able to raise the funds we need to operate through two venues: corporate sponsorship and a letter writing campaigns. With this approach, almost all of the team’s expenses can be paid for without dipping into the student’s pockets. We are constantly expanding our prestigious group of sponsors. We enjoy maintaining healthy and long lasting relationships with many of our corporate supporters. Through their support, we are able to provide a robotics experience for a very diverse group of students.

We would like to thank all our generous supporters, whether they are corporations or family friends. Without the aid of our benefactors, this program would not be possible. With the resources they supply, Team 100 can help further students’ education in engineering, science, and technology for the challenges of tomorrow; preparing the next generation of engineers and innovators.


Cost Break-down


Registration fees ($5,000 for 1st regional competition, $4,000 for each additional regional, $5,000 for Championships, $350 for CalGames)


Robot Building costs (varying per year)


Tools & equipment replacement/upgrade


Public relations (banners, spirit items, T-shirts)


Travel, lodging & shipping (partly subsidized by the team)


Total Approximate Annual Expenses


Sponsorship Benefits


Your sponsorship of Team 100 means:

  • Names and logos appear on our robots, website, and team shirts

  • Exposure through competitions, webcasts, and televised events

  • Donations are tax–deductible


Mentors and Volunteers


2018 Mentors


"Important, irreplaceable members of the Team 100 Family. Our mentors are committed folk who have been working with Team 100 for a number of years. As a group we hear . . . it's in the blood"

Our mentors are a mix of engineers, parents, and teachers. Team 100 alumni have gone on to prestigious colleges such as UC Berkeley, Stanford, USC, UCLA, The University of the Pacific and many more. Many of our alumni have returned from time to time to assist with teaching various engineering concepts and to refresh their passion for robots. The mentors are like glue, they help bind the students and their ideas together to help create a high functioning robot. Mentors encourage, guide, and provide a wealth of knowledge to satisfy students’ curiosity. Our mentors attend every meeting and work session to ensure the safety of students as well as guide them to gain the abilities and knowledge required to efficiently and successfully assemble a robot.


Volunteers are the cog in the wheel around which the team is run. It is thanks to our many volunteers, who are always available, that our team is a well–fueled and smooth running team. Whenever our team needs to go somewhere, whether to a competition or to visit a sponsor, our volunteers are busy finding the best flights, prices, lodging and making the arrangements so that we are good to go. When we are in the middle of building and we need some elusive part or supplies, we know we can find a volunteer who will be able to help. Our volunteers are always at the ready, with smiles, and the energy to keep up with any need and want. Our volunteers are definitely special, appreciated, and an integral part of our Team 100 Family.